Apple Computer, Laptop and PC Repair Services


Viruses can cause significant issues with your computer, but also those that you are connected to. Unfortunately, computer viruses are everywhere on the Internet and antivirus software does not always prevent all computer viruses. Phone Medic can assist you with virus removal, in addition to establishing regular care to minimize future viruses from damaging your computer.


Computer running slowly? Laptop response time not optimal? Overtime, computers start slowing down, but there are many things that can be done to gain you that speed back. Stop in today and we’ll assess just what your computer needs and get you back to the computer speed that you need.


Is your computer malfunctioning? Unsure if it is a hardware or software problem? Stop by for a diagnostic assessment to better understand the exact issue causing your computer performance to be compromised.


Software issues can have significant impact on your productivity. Phone Medic is skilled at finding the cause of your software issue and solving it quickly.


Hardware problems can display some of the same symptoms as software problems. To find the best solution for your computer, an exceptionally experienced and certified technician will know the difference and will resolve your hardware issue quickly.


Is your computer having issues with memory, rebooting, graphics, blue screen of death? Memory corruption is a common challenge, as are many hard drive issues. If you are looking to fix these issues or just upgrade, Phone Medic can assist you.


Wishing your computer could be like it was when you purchased it? We have the answer for you. A system reload is a process of wiping out the contents of your hard drive, then reloading the operating system back on to the hard drive so you receive peak performance.


Recovering lost data can be critical to regaining normalcy in your personal and business operations. Phone Medic’s Data Recovery Services offers repair services for PC, desktop, laptop, and all other computer systems. Phone Medic can help you regain your lost data, quickly.