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Cell Phone, Tablet, iPad, Laptop, and Game Console Repairs

At Phone Medic, you’ll find out fast that we’re far more than just another local electronics repair shop! Our mission is to turn your mobile roadblocks into a speed bump in the rearview mirror by restoring your electronic device, smartphone, cell phone, ipad or laptop to perfect working order.

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Cell Phone Repair

Our professional, certified technicians will take care of your broken phone.  We repair any smart phone model, type or brand and can inspect most problems in about 30 minutes.

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iPhone Repair

Your cracked iPhone screen, glitchy worn out parts and damaged components will be a thing of the past in a moment’s time! After our professional, certified technicians take care of your Apple device in about an hour, you’ll be writing our next 5 star review!

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iPad Repair

Our certified iPad repair technicians can troubleshoot and replace iPad screens or any other component that’s become a problem.  Bring any size, shape or version of iPad to us and get back to enjoying your iPad life!

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Tablet Repair

A professional, certified tablet repair technician is standing by to fix your broken tablet.  Get that cracked screen fixed and take advantage of a free 10 point inspection.

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Liquid Damage

Liquid damage can cause major problems to your phone or device. It can short-circuit the main board or cause internal corrosion. At PhoneMedic we are able to rescue your cell phone or tablet from liquid damage. (In most cases) Whether it’s a complete submersion into the sink or just a few drops of rain, our expert technicians will do their best to recover your data and get your cell phone back in motion. For best results, the device should NOT be turned on after submersion and brought to us right away.

Cracked & Broken

Whether you dropped your phone, your little brother stepped on it, or it’s a mystery, we can solve it.

We repair cracked screens and broken glass quickly and efficiently. Damaged charge ports, damaged speakers, and cracked housings are just a few of many issues we can resolve for you.

Loaner Phones

We know that you have a busy life and that you need to stay connected when your phone breaks. We have a solution for that! While your phone is getting repaired, we will provide you with a loaner phone to use at NO COST. Stay in contact with everyone you need to – and we’ll call you when we’re done!


We want you to be happy with your cell phone or tablet repair and happy that you came to one of our seven Phone Medic locations. We stand behind our quality parts and workmanship which is why most repairs are backed with a lifetime warranty.



What kinds of electronic device repairs do we provide?  

The most popular and common devices we see and repair today are iPhone repairs, cell phones or smartphones from all kinds of mobile manufacturers and cellular phone service providers and carriers. Devices big and small, from all major carriers like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and several that only run on wifi or use local storage and a hard drive of some kind.  We’re not limited to any type of carrier or manufacturers of a specific device, so you can walk into any of our seven convenient local stores and get a fast repair of your electronics and devices made by companies like Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG and many more.

How fast is our electronic device repair?

Most of our repair work on electronics, screen replacements and device repairs can be completed for you in the same day at no additional charge!

What other kinds of services does Phone Medic Provide?

Free 10-point inspections of your mobile equipment.
Highly educated and experienced staff recommendations and advice.
Consultative suggestions on apps and best practices to help you get the most from your device.
We even offer liquid damage recovery services for phones you thought would never work again!

As you can see, we’re far more than just your typical electrical device repair shop in the neighborhood, we’re at the center of keeping your mobile lifestyle active and on the go!

Have a question about our services? Feel free to browse the site, find a store nearby or say “phone repair near me”  into your smartphone and you’ll find directions to the nearest Phone Medic store in your neighborhood!

Stay Connected, Live Happy

Everyone is connected today and mobility is part of our everyday life. Snapping photos with your iPhone, sending texts to friends, receiving important emails at any moment and sharing our entire experience with the world on social networks. As your reliable, trusted electronic device fix solution, we want to be your partner in making sure you stay connected and stay happy by keeping you reconnected with friends, family, business, and the world.


Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are well-trained in both customer care and device care. So you can be absolutely certain that you and your devices will get the service and solutions that an expert team of trained technicians and customer care solutions managers can provide.

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At Phone Medic, we run your device through a thorough PHONE RX™ 10 point inspection that covers, audio, camera, battery charge, speed, RAM performance, memory and more.  Take advantage of our free cell phone sanitization too to make your device both happy and healthy!

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