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iPad Charge Port Repair

Each night before bed, many of us have a ritual of plugging in the electronic devices we’ve used throughout the day. If all goes well, after having charged throughout the night, they are ready for [...]

Finding the iPad Repair of Your Dreams

At Phone Medic, we know how beloved your iPad is to you, irrespective of which generation it may belong to or which variant it is- there is a reason why Apple’s range of iPad [...]

Phone Screen Repair

Regardless of what type of phone you may own, you certainly are aware of how frustrating it can be when your phone screen cracks – be it from simply dropping it accidentally, or any other [...]

When You Need a Smart Phone Camera Repair

In a generation fueled by selfies and the need to post pictures of our Starbucks cups on Instagram, the cameras in our smart phones have become increasingly important in recent years. Whether you are snapping [...]

Phone Repair

Let’s face it—we rely on our phones a lot in order to complete our day-to-day operations in our lives. If we didn’t have our cell phones for twenty-four hours, our daily routine would be [...]

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