The iPhone is the gold standard in cell phones and has driven the market for mobile communication for several years. As such, it has become much more sophisticated and expensive than many other mobile phones – making things a bit more complex when it’s time to choose someone to repair it. So it is fair to say that if something goes wrong with your iPhone, you must take it to a repair professional that is well-versed in iPhone devices because any other mobile repairman may damage your phone. Cracked screens, bad charging ports, speaker and microphone issues, button issues, poor audio quality, water damage or even battery replacement can leave you high and dry and needing a solid iPhone repair pro.

But you don’t have to worry about finding an authority in cell repair to fix an iPhone. Help is at hand. Phone Medic is the largest locally-owned cell phone repair firm in the Kansas City metro area with 8 locations all over the city. So, let us see the many benefits of choosing an iPhone repair professional to fix your cell phone.

Reliable and prompt service

Just reading our reviews, it’s obvious that we aim to deliver prompt and efficient service. We can repair most iPhone issues like cracked phone screens and charge port replacement in under an hour. We keep plenty of parts on hand in our locations, so you’ll very rarely see days of delay in getting what’s needed to return a working device. We also use all of the latest, most sophisticated equipment an iPhone repair professional would need to test, diagnose and fix Apple’s flagship mobile devices. Our trained and highly experienced technicians can typically return your iPhone in an hour or less. It is much safer this way, both for yourself and your coveted iPhone.

Lifetime warranty

We typically offer a lifetime warranty while most other repair shops offer a limited warranty or none at all. This guarantees that we are always on our toes and our service remains top notch. If your iPhone issue is not resolved, we’ll fix the phone for free. You can save a lot of money this way and avoid the uncertainty of a fly-by-night shop going belly up. No more running from one repair professional to another, hoping someone can both fix your iPhone, stand behind their work, and remain in business for the long haul.

Professional setting and world class customer service

We are quite far from some hole-in-the wall iPhone repair company. We maintain a professional establishment with high quality and standards. Our staff will always speak with you in a courteous and respectful manner. We don’t hide anything from customers and will clearly explain what the problem is and what the necessary repairs are that should take place. We also solve the problem in a very affordable  manner, generally a fraction of the cost one might expect to pay in an Apple Store.

Open seven days a week

We know that cell phone problems don’t come with a calling card (and most people own just one iPhone). What do you do if you need to repair your iPhone on short notice? So it is necessary that the problem is solved as quickly as possible so you can get back to using your iPhone as before. We are aware of this. That is why we are offering a seven day iPhone repair service. For more information on iPhone repair please contact Phone Medic today.