Written by Kelly Phillips, N2Pub Magazines

Christine Ricci, a LionsGate resident
for more than five years, is good at filling holes. No, she’s not a carpenter, plumber, or car mechanic. She does, however, fill a similar role to these “fix-it” professionals. When wireless devices stop working, people come to her. Or more specifically, they call her company for help.

Christine is CEO of uBreakiFix Phone Medic, a wireless technology repair
company that focuses on quickly getting people up and running
again when technology brings life to a halt. Cell phones, tablets,
laptops (both PCs and Macs), iPods, game consoles…if it has an
“on” button and you use it more than three hours a day, uBreaki-
Fix can probably get it up and running again. uBreakiFix specializes
in fast, hassle-free repairs for all wireless devices so consumers
can get back to work, play, or a combination of the two as
quickly as possible.

The technology aspect of the device doesn’t have to be malfunctioning
for uBreakiFix to work on it. They also fix physical issues
like cracked phone screens and loose charger ports. And uBreakiFix
is fast. Most repairs are done within an hour. They know
their customers’ time is important to them, so they focus on
getting people in and out of the store in nothing flat. With a 90-
day warranty on parts and labor and a low-price guarantee, it’s
hard to believe that anyone would take their cell phone or laptop
anywhere else for service.

uBreakiFix has been around for five years and has 11 locations in
the Kansas City metro area. Christine joined the company two
years ago after starting her own company, Phone Medic, which
offered similar services. She saw a strong desire for people to
stay connected to both business and personal lives through their
wireless devices. She also understood the stress and anxiety
that’s evident when those devices don’t work the way they’re
supposed to. Her desire to help alleviate that stress is what
motivated her to get into the wireless technology repair industry.
uBreakiFix helps get people up and running again — and back to
their busy lives in no time.

uBreakiFix is able to deliver affordable repair services because
they’ve developed strategic partnerships with companies like
Samsung, Google, Dell, HP, and many others. These partnerships
mean that consumers get original parts for their devices rather
than no-name replacement parts, and uBreakiFix can make their
repair services affordable because of these partnerships. The
company also partners with schools and businesses in the area to
offer high-volume repair programs. It’s great for schools because
they get their technology needs met affordably. Businesses are
able to provide the service to employees as an employee benefit,
an added perk that keeps employees happy. It’s a win-win situation
for everyone.

Much of Christine’s days are busy at uBreakiFix, helping to grow
the business and expand its footprint within the Kansas City
market. When she’s not working, she loves spending time with
family and giving back to the community. She’s very active with
Big Brothers Big Sisters, and she’s also a board member of the Overland Park Arts & Recreation Foundation. She loves sports,
especially volleyball and soccer, and she devotes part of her
spare time to coaching girls’ competitive volleyball.

Originally from Chicago, Christine grew up eating at Maggiano’s,
and it still remains one of her favorite restaurants. She also loves
anything from the bakery at Black Dog Coffeehouse. If she’s in a
hurry, her go-to restaurant for carry-out is Jose Pepper’s because
it’s fast, easy, and predictable.

As for hobbies? She says she’s busy enough right now. Perhaps
she’ll take up a hobby in her retirement years. For now, she’s
focused on keeping people happy with their wireless devices.
Keep her in mind if your cell phone goes on the fritz. You’ll be in
good hands.