The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the Kansas City area, but it can have its own fair phone-medic-cell-phone-repair-unlocked-iphoneshare of problems. Along with hourly use and carrying the smartphone around everywhere you go mobile in the Kansas City metro area (or anywhere else) 24/7 – it’s very easy to see how damage can occur. There are several owners of the phone that have complained about various issues that have surfaced over time with the cell phone, but typically those simple fixes can be remedied with a software or iOS update. Occasionally these issues can become more drastic from data loss or other types of issues, which have caused an iPhone owner to bring it into a store to get it repaired or fixed. Fortunately, some problems requiring iPhone 6 repair or any of it’s predecessors can be fixed within an hour in places like our KC cell phone repair shop, while others may have more extensive damage and take a little while longer to fix cell phone issues.

However, we can fix any problem with your phone and repair the iPhone in Kansas City without any problems. Below are some of the most common reasons people come in for iPhone repair in Kansas City MO today:

Water Damage

Dropping your phone into a sink, bathtub, or (gasp) toilet is one of the worst nightmares iPhone owners will experience. It is an accident that no one wants to be a part of and a single moment of inattentiveness or carelessness can cause several differet types of iPhone water damage repair services can address. If you drop your phone into a liquid of some kind, it will most likely require either professional repair or replacement services inKansas City. The water can seep through the phone’s speakers and into the inner circuitry, which may destroy the mobile phone’s components and render it useless or dysfunctional. This is one of the most common accidents with an iPhone that requires diagnostics to determine if it will require a quick fix or an extensive repair for the phone. Either way, we’re well equipped and highly trained technicians and can easily assist with the problem.

Impact Damage

Another very common reason for visit Phone Medic is impact damage to the phone. Cracked screens and dropped cell phones are as common as mobile phones themselves. There are all types of incidents causing this, such as running over the phone with a car after dropping it out the window, falling out of a pocket or purse, possibly stepping on top of it on concrete or some other hard surface can also create the same issues. This can cause a damaged or cracked iPhone screen that’s not displaying correctly, or hairline fractures to various aspects of the display, lcd and glass on a device that can result in a need for repairs of the phone and screen. The majority of modern smartphone screens are made from glass that is specifically designed and developed to withstand a high level of damage, impact and abuse from daily use. However, that limit will only go to a certain level, after which it will break or crack glass. Many time, a small glass fracture or tiny crack will spider or splinter out in to a larger crack over time or after additional drops. At first it may not be a problem for the owner, but over time the touchscreen may not respond, visibility of the screen becomes impaired and performance of the devices start to degrade beyond the point of usability. In the majority of these incidents we see, the impact was so strong that the touch screen of the iPhone became useless and required that the iPhone screen be repaired or replaced by our Kansas City repair technicians.

Battery Malfunction

If you find that your iPhone is not charging properly, it may be experiencing battery issues and that calls for a quick visit to diagnose the issue. The battery of your phone may die out quickly and will affect the functionality of the phone in general, or perhaps the charge port of the device is unable to pass enough power through the charge port into the phone to top off the battery’s charge after having it plugged in.. Most of the time, when a battery becomes useless over a long period of time or thorugh multiple power cycles and in such cases, replacement is fast and easy to accomplish by just bringing the phone into our cell repair shop nearby.

Broken Cell Phone Buttons

While using your iPhone you may experience the problem with broken or non-working iphone buttons. It is iphone-screen-repair-before-afterone of the most frustrating things to deal with and on occasions your home screen button will become stuck due to being used so frequently over a long time. Your iPhone may also suffer from broken side switches that will prevent you from turning off the ringtone, locking the device or adjusting the volume on your iPhone. Most of these iphone components and parts can easily be replaced if you’ve broken a button and just want to get it working like new again.

Phone Medic can’t guarantee that your carrier will have the best signal everywhere you go in Kansas City. But you can be absolutely certain that one of our seven local stores is a “cell phone repair near me” in the Kansas City metro area.

Next time you have one of these common reasons for needing an iphone cell fixed nearby, just remember that there are convenient options available for these repairs that don’t require expensive long term contracts or replacement agreements to get it fixed. You can just stop in a local store if you have broken buttons, a cracked screen, or anything else smartphone, computer and laptop repair-related. In fact, if you want to sell your cell phone to upgrade to a newer iPhone or cell phone with no contract, there’s a great place called Phone Medic in Kansas City with all of these solutions just down the street!