A cracked screen on an iPhone can cause a lot of heartburn, mainly because you’ve paid so much for the phone in the first place. But a cracked screen is not the end of your iPhone because there are local electronics repair stores like Phone Medic that can perform cracked iPhone screen repair in about an hour at very reasonable rates.

If your iPhone has suffered this problem, don’t worry; help is at hand. All of our mobile phone repair stores in the Kansas City metro area repair cracked iPhone screens daily and are very well versed in the nuances of replacing different types of iPhone screens as well as the lcd, digitizer and underlying components required to make an iPhone screen work like new again. Here are some more options and tips for anyone searching for iPhone screen repair anywhere in Kansas City…or as many now commonly do – searching for “iPhone Repair Near Me” with Google Now voice search or Siri digital assistant.

Re-manufacturing iPhone screens

Did you know, you can salvage the LCD screen on an expensive iPhone by simply ‘rebuilding’  certain display components? Hundreds of mobile screens are rebuilt or repurposed by our team regularly. Rather than throwing an expensive iPhone LCD screen into the trash, the method is something like this:

First, a certified and highly experienced technician removes the broken bits of glass from the screen and laminates it using Optically Clear Adhesive (the same way it was originally done in the Apple). This way, you can kill two birds with one stone. You are not only supporting a green business (because we are essentially recycling your old iPhone screen) but also get to salvage the original and expensive LCD screen on your iPhone by rebuilding the usable aspects and reconditioning or replacing the parts that aren’t usable and functioning properly.

Online iPhone screen repair

There are some online iPhone screen repair companies that collect your iPhone from your home, repair it at their facility and return it to you for a fee. We don’t recommend this because you never know how they are performing the repairs, if they will stand behind the warranty – if they have one, and if they will ever return the device in the first place. There is also a tendency to inflate the price of the repair in this scenario, or worse – after they have a chance to inspect the device. You may end up paying for both the repair and collection (and return) or who knows what else, depending on the situation. What kinds of controls do you have on how quickly they repair and return your iPhone, or later on if you decide you don’t want the repair completed after the quote has changed? At least with us, you can come into a highly professional store and our technicians will repair your iPhone screen within an hour or so. We realize that waiting around for a repair is

iPhone screen repair at home

Did you know that you can also meet up with someone that performs iPhone cracked screen repair out of their home or car by driving around to their customers? Depending on where you are at in Kansas City there are iPhone repair services that will come to your house and repair your phone as you wait. Many of these advertise on Craigslist and other free websites and classified listing services. The main question you’d need to ask yourself is if you can trust them to do a good job and stand behind the repair – or be found again if something goes wrong that you may want to hold them accountable to remedy. This is usually another matter altogether, when compared to the potential savings of using a fly-by-night repair company. Some of these services cannot repair all iPhone models, for instance, iPhone 6s Plus screens, or other types of higher-end device models. Most would not try to save a few dollars by taking an expensive device to an unknown repair option operating out of their garage or the trunk of a car, but it is an option some have done. Either way, make sure you double-check references, read plenty of reviews and understand how your guarantee and warranty for services rendered will be fulfilled before heading down this path.

Do-it-Yourself iPhone repair (DIY)

Ah the DIY repair. There are several companies that are out pushing do-it-yourself iPhone repair kits and components, giving the impression that these are quick, simple and easy to perform flawlessly with their kits. Take our advice and stay away from these kits if you value your device. iPhone repair and screen components are best handled by a professional, that can identify the actual cause and related components that require attention. Repairing an iPhone screen is an intricate affair and it is not a job for an amateur. If you undertake it still, you may leave your iPhone in a worse state than you found it and damage it further than it was at the onset. This can cause it to become unrepairable and as many have found out, replacing the entire cell phone is a much more expensive endeavor than iPhone screen replacement alone.

Next Steps

Hopefully these tips have been useful in determining which direction to go with your repair. As Kansas City’s largest iPhone repair centers spanning the entire metro area and Lawrence, Phone Medic is one of the best iPhone screen repair services in KC that you can turn to for advice and high quality services. We have the latest equipment to do the job and well-trained technicians to complete everything quickly, affordably and conveniently. Moreover, we are also offer lifetime warranties on most of the iPhone screen repairs we perform.

So stop in today– or for more information, check out our iPhone 5 screen replacement FAQs