If your iPhone screen is suddenly broken and you’re stuck trying to determine whether you should get a phone screen repair done on your current device, or buy a new one altogether, there are a couple of considerations you’ll want to make before making the final call. Generally speaking, when you have a perfectly good device that just needs a simple screen replacement, you probably wouldn’t spend the money on a new phone, as the benefits of doing so are far outweighed by the cost of acquiring a brand new device. Furthermore, it’s very unlikely that anyone would win the lottery on the exact same day that they drop their phone and crack the LCD. So the timing of an unexpected expense coupled with the price of the most current Apple, Samsung or HTC smartphone out of the retail box can quickly resolve your decision-making process.

The decision on screen replacement or buy new

Leaving this to the consideration of repairing the screen only, you’ll want to ask yourself an important question:

How satisfied are you with your phone’s performance, other than the cracked or shattered screen? Functionality-wise, is the phone still providing the majority of the capabilities you require? Oftentimes, when a phone screen is cracked and not completely shattered into broken glass, the touch screen is still functional. So you’ll want next ensure that the impact (or whatever caused the screen to shatter) did not damage anything else within the cell phone besides the screen itself. If that’s the case, you’ve only one objective – determine the cost benefit of the phone’s screen, rather than the whole device.

Fortunately, if you’re not sure if the phone is still going to perform well outside of the current screen issue, you can always get a diagnosis from an expert phone repair technician at Phone Medic to let you know. You want to make sure you don’t spend the money to have the screen replaced or pick up a DIY kit to attempt the fix, only to find out that something else is wrong with the phone as well and the repair is actually going to be much more extensive and costly, on top of a replacement phone.

The Easy One: Phone Screen Repair

If you are certain that the current device can be restored to its former glory with a quick phone screen replacement, then that is usually the fastest and most economical way to go. Should you arrive at this point, now is time to ask yourself just one more important question:

How long are you planning to keep this phone if the touchscreen is fully functional?

If your favorite phone manufacturer is about to come out with a new model that you are certain to fall in love with, or the service isn’t ideal and you expect to change carriers, you may want to consider how long you’d really be keeping the current cell phone, even if it were in perfect condition. Are you planning on keeping your current phone for long enough that the time and value gained from the repair is worth the cost of a repair? Sometimes other factors such as this can greatly increase or reduce the value of a repair, or make the decision very straight forward. If, for example you are holding out for a new device that is expected to come out in six to nine months, the use of your existing phone after the screen repair could easily justify itself. Reason being that you’ve bought time with your screen repair by avoiding the need to purchase the current model of phone when you don’t want to spend the money and would prefer the next version to be released.

Other Suggestions and Ideas

Another valuable option that very few phone buyers are aware of or take into consideration is that you can sell a broken phone for cash, avoid the cost of the repair, and use the funds to buy a certified pre-owned phone. There are stores who buy and sell used cell phones, such as your local Phone Medic location. The advantage of doing so at our many locations is that we offer great warranties, provide expert advice to assist with your selection, and back these attractively-priced phones with our certification to ensure that they deliver a high quality experience.

At the end of the day, if nothing is wrong with your phone other than the damaged touch screen, or if your technician at your Phone Medic store confirms that the cost of our phone screen repair service in Kansas City would be lower than the investment in a brand new phone, that’s a very simple way you to go unless you have your heart set on purchasing a brand new phone in the immediate future.