PHONE RX™ – Free 10 Point Cell Phone Inspection and Optimization

  1. Audio Check
  2. Camera Quality
  3. Charging Health
  4. Data Speed Test
  5. Running Performance and RAM
  6. Battery Life
  7. Memory
  8. Signal Strength
  9. Adware Screen
  10. Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Is your iPhone, smart device, computer, game console, GPS or electronic device not running just right? Perhaps it needs maintenance, software installed or a repair. Stop by any of the convenient locations for a free 10-point inspection.

Our FREE 10 Point Diagnostic will help you determine what memory can be freed up to improve your technology’s performance. We will do a thorough check of your phone to make ensure the device is using all its power to complete the tasks you rely on every day.

AUDIO CHECK Inspection and Optimization


Your audio is important, whether you’re talking to someone, listening to music, or even catching a ringtone when you’re waiting for that important call. Regardless, Phone Medic can perform a complete check on your phone or device’s audio; including your ear-speaker, loud-speaker, headset jack, vibe-motor, and microphones, to ensure everything is working dependably for when you need it. This includes verifying a quality output of dB (sound level), IMD (distortion), and THD (pitch quality).

CAMERA QUALITY Inspection and Optimization


Your camera captures those special moments. Imagine what would happen if it didn’t work properly when you needed it to. Just like our eyes need routine exams, the camera on your cell phone needs one too. We’ll examine both front and back cameras for their capture speed, lens clarity, focus, color, and write function to ensure you get all those moments the way you want them.

CHARGING HEALTH Inspection and Optimization


At times, your device and cell phone can get a bad charge or no charge at all. Your certified technician will examine for quality connections, disruptions in current, or AC/DC compatibility issues that can cause your device to get a corrupt or irregular charge. Bad current that disrupts voltage can cause major issues with your device and a detailed examination can identify those issues before they cause malfunctions.

DATA SPEED TEST Inspection and Optimization


Your data working efficiently is important. Over time, onboard software and application issues can cause your data to respond slowly. We check for issues that can be caused by conflicting applications, browser storage and processes, background processes, software malfunctions, or disruptions in antenna and signal function. Many people have limited data plans that cap download speeds, but phone performance can often be attributed to the health of the device itself.

RUNNING PERFORMANCE AND RAM Inspection and Optimization


One of the most important attributes affecting your device’s operating performance is your RAM, or virtual memory. Overloaded RAM can cause slow response to touch, overheating, delayed apps or actions, apps closing on their own or malfunctioning, and the device shutting down altogether. We will look for out of control processes and applications that are using more RAM than necessary. Too many cars on a highway will cause a traffic jam that continues to get worse as more cars are added. Your cell phone will also get jammed with processes and applications that are all running at once until the issue threatens the phone’s very ability to perform basic tasks.

BATTERY LIFE Inspection and Optimization


Everyone wants more battery life out of their phone. Batteries can develop several different issues depending on their exposure to varying electrical currents, temperature, moisture, and age. Irregular voltage and amperage can cause phones to lose their capacity to store and permanently damage your deivce. Exposure to extreme temperatures can lead to chemical reactions that cause the cells in your lithium-ion battery to expand with gas, rupture, or even explode. Once these issues begin, continued charge, even at appropriate voltage and amperage levels, will cause the issue to get worse. Damaged cells will lead to sudden drops in available charge, power-cycling of the device, or even a phone being unresponsive entirely. We test your battery’s ability to retain and deliver charge to discover those issues before they become worse.

MEMORY Inspection and Optimization


Your technology’s internal memory is one of the most basic things that can affect the device’s performance. Not having enough free memory can cause sluggishness, power-cycling, and even loss of data. This check covers the on-board storage (ROM) as well as external storage (SD and Cloud). When your device accesses its usable memory, the more it must sort through, the slower it becomes. Often, there are files stored on your device you may not know about such as; downloads, cache, or other temporary files created by applications. Finding these unused files can help you get more performance out of your phone.

SIGNAL STRENGTH Inspection and Optimization


Your ability to make and receive calls is a top priority. A complete check of your device signal strength is important. Although carrier towers, and interference from buildings and EMI, are often the cause of poor signal, your phone’s performance can often be affected by system or hardware issues that fluctuate your device’s dBm (signal strength). We check several things such as application performance, magnetic interference, and current disruptions that can cause signal issues. Finding it can produce a solution to keep you connected when you most need it.

ADWARE SCREEN Inspection and Optimization


If you don’t want random ads or notifications bugging you in the middle of what you are doing, we can perform a routine check for Adware. Phone Medic will run a basic sweep of your device and let you know what is there so it can be removed. Adware is typically embedded as a software package as part of an application you may have downloaded and is often undetected in the installation process. Adware can interfere with basic application functionality, take up memory, and negatively affect your technology and cell phone’s performance.

MOBILE DATA AND WI-FI CONNECTIVITY Inspection and Optimization


Losing your connection to the internet can be frustrating and it all must do with your data connectivity. It affects so many other functions essential to modern smartphones like email, picture-mail, social media, weather alerts, and much more. Phone Medic examines the device’s antenna connectivity, SIM card and reader, application functionality, and bandwidth calibration. A thorough investigation of the health of your data connectivity, lets you know if there are any issues, so Phone Medic can prescribe the right fix.