Let’s face it, your smartphone is an integral part of your life, so much that you couldn’t imagine one without it. From emails to YouTube videos, you depend on it so much that it has become a constant companion to you. So it can be terribly disruptive when your phone no longer lends itself to offering you with the same quality of life as it had before. Don’t worry, at Phone Medic, we realize this, and can help by fixing it and returning it you as soon as possible.

What if my screen is cracked?

This is without a doubt, familiar to all smartphone users. Arising from a careless drop or an accident, it could be a single crack or a network of cracks, but either way, it mars the display, affecting your user experience with the phone. Sometimes, it may also make the display or the phone unresponsive. Whatever be the nature of the damage or the problems associated with it, bring it in so that our cell phone repair experts can take a look at it. You might not have to change the screen after all- replacing the glass will do.

My home button isn’t working. Please help?

Gone are the days when mobile phones had an entire bunch of buttons. Today, touch has taken over that functionality, but the home button is still present on every smartphone to help make navigation (and your life) a whole lot easier. What happens when it ceases to work? Our cell phone repair experts can either restore it back to working condition or replace it for you, so that you are not stuck on any one screen or app, and can navigate freely through all that is available on your smartphone.

Can you assist me with my non-working power button?

Smartphone users rarely turn off their phone, as it would mean the loss of temporarily stored data, and the user being signed out from all apps (logging back in to each and every one of these apps is by no means easy). As a result, the power button tends to be the least used on all smartphones. The problem arises when the phone needs a restart after the OS freezes or the phone needs to be turned back on after its battery has died and it has been subsequently connected to a charging point- and the power button doesn’t do its job. Our cell phone repair experts can do the needful to ensure that your smartphone continues to be of use to you in your daily life.

My phone fell into water / liquid. What do I do now?

Here are some cell phone water damage repair tips- first of all, switch off your phone immediately. After that, see if you can remove the battery. Even if you are not sure how to do this, no worries. But the most important thing to do is to rush it to our service center (we work all seven days a week) so that our cell phone repair experts can bring it back to life. As long as the phone and everything in it are of importance to you, it is best not to put your trust in the leave-it-overnight-in-a-bag-of-rice-and-everything-will-be-alright story and hand it to the professionals.

If you ever need cell phone repair, you know where to go.