At Phone Medic, we know how beloved your iPad is to you, irrespective of which generation it may belong to or which variant it is- there is a reason why Apple’s range of iPad products are the highest-selling in the world after all, clocking sales in the millions. It’s likely that if you happen to own one of these coveted devices, you value the quality and performance it delivers. All the more reason to think carefully about where you choose to take it in the event that something goes wrong, or the screen gets cracked from an unfortunate drop on a hard surface.

Sure there are plenty of Youtube videos to DIY, spare parts for repair on eBay and ads on Craigslist from a fly-by-night person that can guarantee the cheapest, fastest fix from the trunk of their car. But is a valuable device like the iPad really something you want to subject to that type of thing?

What to do first: Get a diagnosis

If your iPad has been acting up for no apparent reason, bring it in to our electronics repair shop for an inspection to find out exactly what’s going on first. Our iPad repair team can run diagnostics and tell you what is causing it to be cranky. It may be that new app which has been consuming a lot of processor power, or it may even be a virus (despite the iOS being immune to viruses as only apps available on the official App Store can be run, viruses can still enter through MacOS computers when you connect to one via USB). Not to worry, we can help you get it back to the way it was – but first, it’s important to identify the cause of the malfunction.

Next: Choose the best option for your needs

Sometimes iPad charge ports wear out over time (and Apple devices are notoriously high on battery consumption, but that is also because of their numerous features) with repeated use. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is recommended that you leave it in the hands of our iPad charge port repair experts that can fix it for you and you can continue to enjoy your iPad. Our trained iPad repair professionals can also be of assistance if your charging cable breaks, leaving some part of it inside the port. In such a case, it is best to entrust it to the care of our friendly technicians and not attempt to do it yourself- this might only lead to even more damage.

If your iPad goes through its battery faster than it used to do so in the past, that is only because of wear. It might be time for a battery change if you are fed up with the need of it constantly being charged (isn’t it annoying when you go to use your iPad, but its battery has drained and you just can’t find a power source or cannot connect to one?)  and this is where our iPad repair team can help by replacing the battery with a new one, so that you can live your life without being in the proximity of a power outlet all the time.

Cracked iPad screen? Our repair professionals can tell you whether you need to change only the cover glass or the display as well. We stock enough parts so that we can get it back in your hands, all repaired and ready to be of optimal use to you again, as soon as possible- sometimes on the same day or in about an hour. And we are open all seven days of the week, always happy to lend our expertise to your problem.

With a device like your iPad, don’t be penny-wise, pound-foolish (or rather, cent-wise, dollar-foolish)

iPads don’t come cheap. In the wrong hands, it might prove to be more expensive – or worse, become instantly useless if improperly serviced. So if you are looking for mind-blowing iPad repair in the Kansas City Metro you now know where to go!