repair cracked cell phone screenAccidents do happen! We’ve all experienced that awful moment when your phone falls and the screen cracks. How much time do you have once it does crack? Here are some guidelines that may help you assess how bad the damage is.

It is just a small crack.
If it is a small crack and you can still fully function and use your phone, you can probably deal with it a little while longer. Just note that the screen is no longer structurally sound. Finger oils and debris eventually work their way into the cracks and the damage will worsen over time.

If the crack is larger, you should deal with it sooner, rather than later.
The glass cover on your phone protects the inner workings of the device. Once it is cracked, it is no longer protected from moisture, dampness, or water, even if it is water-resistant. The internal components are no longer protected.

The pixels or colors are not displaying correctly.
The damage has progressed deeper than the top glass and the next layer (LCD) has been impacted. You will want to deal with this immediately. Make sure your data is backed-up, so you don’t experience any data losses.

So yes, accidents do happen, but now you know how to assess the extent of the damage. It is our goal to help you live happy and stay connected.