Have you had your cell phone forever and wish you could upgrade? Do you have a serious case of new iPhone envy and imagine yourself walking around with a beautiful new device like everyone else? Maybe you’ve suddenly found yourself thinking, I wish I could just sell my cell phone and use the cash for something better, faster and more reliable.

Well, you’re not alone. In fact, many cell phone owners are in this same situation, but continue to suffer in fear that they will be forced to commit to a long term contract with a new mobile phone service provider in order to make getting a newer device more affordable. Truth is, there are many more options available in the marketplace than you might realize, and several that come with added benefits you had never considered to be possible.

Unfortunately, even in today’s mobile society where almost everyone has a device in their hands, awareness of these options is limited to more savvy shoppers and resourceful buyers who are in desperate need of an alternative solution that provides a less expensive, or more flexible set of options. Common thinking by most is that in order to upgrade to a newer, more updated phone one will have to either be forced to lock themselves and their beautiful new device into a new two-year contract with a cellular provider, or shell out hundreds of dollars for a brand new “unlocked phone” that is not tied to a specific service plan or contract. how to sell my cell in kc

Challenge is, with either option you’ll pay handsomely for the newest, fresh out-of-the-box device. If there’s a specific phone with the latest features and capabilities that is in high demand such as the iPhone 6s, most phone buyers expect to see a considerably steep price tag to get their hands on an unlocked version of one of these smartphone models that has no commitment to a service plan attached. After finding out the list price on these, it’s no wonder the first thing people do is figure out how to finance it through their service contract – as a subsidized line item in that monthly bill.

What you and many other members of our on-the-go, mobile society may not be aware of is that there are other ways to go about the process if you are looking to save money but still get a considerable upgrade on your phone. After all, having the same phone for several years can get old really fast, particularly when you are watching your friends get the newest, sleekest models with great applications that are coming out on the market. If you’re stuck staring at the little squares or tapping out a text message in T9 with a flip phone, it’s going to take a while to tap out that emoji reply or scan through an Instagram feed.

Besides lugging around an older phone, what are some of the other options to consider?

Selling your cell phone and putting those funds toward a newer one can be an excellent choice. It’s actually incredibly easy to sell your cell phone to a local electronics repair shop like Phone Medic in this day and age; you can simply bring it into a local store like ours that is ready and willing to purchase old or broken cell phones from customers in the Kansas City and Lawrence Metro areas. After that, you can either put the value of your cell phone towards a certified pre-owned cell phone that doesn’t require a contract and costs far less, or you can put the cash from your old device straight into your pocket and do with it as you see fit. If you still want to buy a brand new cell phone from the cellular provider with a contract, you can always put the funds from your old cell phone towards that new one as well.

Even though it’s possible to sell cell phone devices to local buyers like Phone Medic, a lot of people are completely unaware of, or fail to see some of the added benefits of purchasing a certified pre-owned cell phone – when in fact, it’s a much easier way to get a cell phone upgrade. Waiting for a multi-year contract to expire, while coming up with the small fortune required to purchase a new unlocked phone from a cellular provider is often out of the question. So, when your current cell phone is to slow or becomes outdated, (or if you simply want a newer model available on the market), before heading straight over to buy a brand new cell phone, it’s a good idea to check out the selection of pre-owned cell phones offered by local stores in your area.

When the device you have isn’t attached to a contract, there are many other service plans and prices available in the market to choose from. This opens up many flexibilities in the quality, price and duration of your service plan, and can give you the option to switch to a better service based on your needs at the time when they change, not when your agreement ends. So if you find that it’s not working out with the first service provider you selected, your connectivity at the office is great, but spotty connections happen at home, or perhaps another plan shows up that’s more attractive – you’re always free to go as you wish.

Another option is to consider purchasing a certified pre-owned cell phone instead of a brand new one, which can be a very attractive way to get a newer cell phone without the huge commitments, headaches of contracts and up front expenses, These gently used cell phones and professionally tested mobile devices are perfectly fine, fully functional, carry great warranties and are certified by our technicians to perform at the top of their game.

When you consider the fact that certified pre-owned cell phones also come with a warranty from Phone Medic, so you can rest easy and don’t have to worry about being disappointed with malfunctions and slow performance of your previous phone. By working with a reliable and highly reputable and locally-owned KC business like Phone Medic, you can bring it back to the store to have any issues tested and diagnosed – or in most cases, repaired in under an hour.

With that said, another benefit to working with a store like Phone Medic that provides iPhone repair services and Android device repair is that a free diagnosis like our PHONE Rx™ service is all you need in order to find out if your current phone could easily be fixed or returned to its former glory.

When you start to get fed up with the performance and limitations of an outdated smart phone or just want to upgrade to a device with a newer set of features, it’s a good time to consider checking out the selection currently available from your local Phone Medic store. Each day, local Kansas City area customers come to us for repairs, but many are now finding another great option after having said to their friends“It’s time to sell my cell phone – who will buy my cell phone?” and quickly find themselves walking out of a Phone Medic store as happy as can be, with a great deal on an amazing phone.

If you’re at this point, or just curious about what your phone is worth and want to find out quickly online, our website can even give you a price, just by selecting a store to sell your cell nearby at one of our convenient Phone Medic locations throughout the Kansas City metro and Lawrence areas. So put that old phone down and find out what it’s worth. It could be that you’ll find yourself putting that cash toward saving on a much better phone, saving a ton on your service plan without a contract, and enjoying the reliability of having a warrantied model at the best price possible!