Each night before bed, many of us have a ritual of plugging in the electronic devices we’ve used throughout the day. If all goes well, after having charged throughout the night, they are ready for another full day of use when we wake up. When the battery charging light doesn’t come on, it’s a good sign you may need an iPad charge port repair.

There’s usually a tell tale sign that your device is charging after being connected to its charger; for example, some devices vibrate in order to let you know that the charging process has gone underway. Other devices simply light up their screens as a little “thank you” for connecting them to a much-needed power source.

Usually, a user of electronics such as the iPad, we think nothing of this vibration or screen lighting up. However, when it is not there, it may catch your attention or you might notice that something is a bit off from the usual scenario. You’d definitely notice, at the very least, if you were to wake up in the morning and find the device even more battery drained than it had been when you fell asleep from simply lying there all night… or worse, when the alarm you set on the device didn’t wake you up as it usually would!

If you light up the screen of your iPad and find that it is missing the charging icon in the top right corner of the screen within the battery symbol, even though it is plugged in properly to a working outlet, then you probably have good reason to feel concerned by the cause. But don’t panic, as the solution is not always as complicated as you may fear!

In this situation, one of two things is wrong: the first and most simple problem is that something related to your charger is no longer working. This would be the most ideal problem, as it is an easy fix. If you have any other matching or identical chargers lying around your house, or perhaps a car charger that came with it, a different power outlet, a/c converter block or cable is worth trying out to see if that’s the problem. Sometimes the cables can become frayed or broken after long periods of use or the connecting parts that carry electrical current through the cable to your device can malfunction. These are pretty easy to replace and determine if they aren’t working. When those options aren’t able to solve the issue, bring in your iPad to any of our Phone Medic locations and we can plug it in to a charger and testing tools in the store to see if yields any different results than your charger at home was producing.

If the charger is not the issue, then you probably need some type of iPad charge port repair to ensure that your charging port is delivering current and data when in use. Fortunately, this is a very common issue and the experts at phone medic are well versed in the proper solutions to help you out with your predicament. Our Phone Medic expert technicians are dedicated to fixing your iPad properly and efficiently, and to decreasing the amount of time that you have to spend without your device as much as possible.

The best thing to do when you need iPad charge port repair is to leave it to the experts that you can trust, like the team at Phone Medic. We want to get your iPad back into healthy, running, fully charged, tip-top condition again as soon as possible. So what are you waiting for? As soon as you notice that your iPad is not properly charging, whatever you think the cause behind the issue may be, bring your device (get directions here) in as soon as possible for a PhoneRX 10 Point Inspection to diagnose the problem. Then, we’ll take care of the rest for you!