IPad owners tend to use their beloved Apple devices for a lot of different purposes, such as entertainment from games on the app store or watching YouTube or Netflix videos, or these devices can also be used for productivity needs at school or work, such as answering emails or using the other productivity tools. Whatever an individual may use an iPad for, in most cases, they are relied upon for something or another that causes that beautiful iPad screen to light up on a daily basis.

Owners of any tablet device, including iPads, know how terrifying the immediate moments preceding a dropped electronic device can be. When we drop a device and it lands with its screen facing the ground or on a corner edge, we’ve all experienced that moment of panic and dread where you hesitate to pick it up, fearing the worst, flip it over and have a look. You’ll breathe a breath of fresh air after picking it up if you are lucky enough to find that your screen is still perfectly intact and that precious iPad still seems to be working just fine, or at least as it was previously.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to have this experience of relief – and just because you have been lucky once (or several times, perhaps) does not mean you will be lucky next time. IPads get dropped on a daily basis, or otherwise suffer other types of impact, get water spilled on them, and they do not always fare well with this kind of treatment or accident. If you find that your iPad screen becomes cracked or worse – completely shattered, this can often be very upsetting as, even if the touch screen function may still work okay (if you don’t mind the occasional “cracked glass papercut”, it makes it much more difficult and frustrating for you to perform your intended tasks with the device.

However, if you are in the Kansas City area, then this problem only needs to be a temporary one! Being in the local area, our Phone Medic repair technicians will only be a short drive or walk from you. In fact, if you bring your iPad with its shattered screen to us, we can set to work right away to provide you with an iPad screen repair service so you could be back in class, at work or play in as soon as an hour.

Our iPad screen repair is done so efficiently and effectively that, once it is back in your possession, fixed up as good as new, you won’t even know what happened in the first place. The great job we do at Phone Medic in our iPad repair shop to fix your device makes it easy to forget that the screen was ever shattered in the first place. Oh, but make sure that you don’t forget this tragic incident completely, the temporary inconvenience should be a gentle reminder to be careful to avoid the screen getting shattered again in the first place and consider grabbing one of our many protective accessories for iPads and iPhones.

Although it is unfortunate that you can have a perfectly fine iPad one second, and the next, you can have a shattered screen.  While iPad screens are still not shatterproof, the next best thing is having a local location that’s happy to conveniently help you resolve the situation quickly, professionally and at a great price!