Do you need an iPhone 5 screen replacement and want your cracked touchscreen restored to tip top condition? You may have some questions about the repair process and need some more information before you make a final decision about getting your phone LCD and glass fixed. If so, here are some answers to a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions we hear about getting screens switched out with a brand new one:

1. How long does the process take for an iPhone 5 screen replacement?

Like most repairs at Phone Medic, the replacement of an iPhone 5 screen can often be done in under an hour! Unless your store has an unusually large spike of customers coming in at the same time (in which case, you will be informed before entrusting us with your device), you can expect to be reunited with your phone in about as much time as it takes to drop it off, go grab lunch, and come back! Even if we are unable to complete the repair in that amount of time, chances are you will have the device back same day. Either way, there are no surprises, as your technician will have an estimate of the time required for the repair before you leave the store.

2. What if the screen replacement isn’t done properly?

Have you ever heard stories of your friends getting their screens replaced at some other place and their smart phones just don’t end up being the same afterward? You don’t have to worry about it at Phone Medic. Our expert technicians know exactly what they are doing, this is very unlikely to occur at Phone Medic. However, in the event that something is going wrong with the screen after the replacement is completed, you can bring it back into the store and we’ll handle any warrantied parts and services. Keep in mind: most of our repairs come backed with lifetime warranties to show you just how confident we are in the repairs we perform!

3. What do I do without my phone while it is being repaired?

We know that many people very busy lifestyles and that your daily schedule will probably be massively interrupted if you are not in possession of a cell phone to keep in contact with everyone. This is part of what makes having a damaged phone so stressful—even if you know that the repair is a fairly simple process, you know that you will be without your phone for some period of time. But this isn’t a problem if you are having your screen replaced at Phone Medic! We provide our customers like you with free loaner phones at no additional cost while your iPhone screen repair is being completed. This way, you won’t be out of contact with anyone during that time and can stay connected with everyone until you are reunited with your iPhone 5 too, which will be sporting a brand new touch screen by the time you see it again!

4. Will my iPhone work the same after my iPhone 5 screen replacement is completed?

Absolutely! The touch screen should work and look exactly as it did before the damage was done to the phone. If you find that this is not the case, you will always be able to bring it back in to Phone Medic Kansas City so we can take a look at it for you!