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2709, 2020

Most Common Apple FAQs | uBreakiFix

We get a lot of questions about Apple devices and how to troubleshoot the most common issues our customers face. The internet is vast and instead of visiting a million different sites looking for answers, we’ve compiled our most frequently asked Apple device questions into this one handy list and [...]

1909, 2020

Smart Devices | uBreakiFix

There’s a smart gadget for everything these days and they all claim that they will make our lives easier and better. While we’re still not 100% sold on the merits of a smart toaster, there are quite a few smart devices that we find ourselves constantly recommending to customers. When [...]

1309, 2020

iPhone Won’t Update? Try These 6 Simple Tricks | uBreakiFix

We find that one of the biggest misconceptions about smartphone maintenance is that it’s not that important to update your device when a new iOS or iOS update comes out. Updates are important because they contain all of the new information that your device needs to continue running smoothly like [...]

709, 2020

Screen Time in Age of Social Distancing | uBreakiFix

85% of parents worry about how much time their kids spend online and more than half think their children may be addicted to screens by the end of the coronavirus pandemic. Consider uBreakiFix Phone Medic for your next iPhone repair, iPhone screen repair, phone repair near me, local repair shop, [...]

2808, 2020

4 Hacks to Keep Cyber Thieves Away From Your Data | uBreakiFix

As our tech gets more advanced, unfortunately, so do the tactics of cyber thieves. Scams and traps to get access to your personal information are harder than ever to identify as they are often disguised to look like safe and normal things that you do every day. There’s nothing to [...]

1408, 2020

Free Computer Checkup | uBreakiFix

Visit a uBreakiFix location for a free checkup and 10% off a memory upgrade.*Back-to-school season might look a bit different this fall, as schools decide on virtual alternatives to in-person classrooms. One crucial aspect to a successful remote-learning environment? A fast, working computer.   While endlessly buffering videos and slow-to-load [...]