Phone Medic 11 Days Until Christmas: 3 Best Tips & Offer that will Keep Your Smartphone Protected

Stay connected this holiday season! Phone Medic is celebrating the 11 Days until Christmas with 3 hot tips, tricks and a special offer that will keep you connected this holiday season.

  1. Tempered Glass Screen Protection. A quality tempered glass won’t impact your screen clarity or touch, and will absorb the impact of a dropped device. Lower quality tempered glass will get dust, dirt and moisture underneath, while providing minimal protection.
  2. Use a Quality Case. Not all cases are treated equally. The best protective cases exceed military specification for drop testing up to 12 feet, in addition to having Impact Dispersion Technology so it disperses the impact of the fall.
  3. Avoid Bathrooms, Sinks and Showers. Moisture can get into your device, without you even knowing it, hindering the performance of your device.

Phone Medic is Kansas City Metro’s largest technology repair company. Stop by any Phone Medic location before December 25th, 2017 to receive $10 your next accessory & tempered glass bundle.

December 14th, 2017|Phone Medic Blog|