We often worry about water damage in the summer time. Well, snow damage can hurt your devices, just as much. Here are 4 tips, if you get snow damage. See below to learn more or watch this video.

  1. Remove it from the snow or damp area. The longer your phone stays wet from snow, the more likely it will experience significant damage.

  2. Power it down. Shutting the phone off protects it from short circuiting and resist turning it on.

  3. Remove case and drain. Take the case off and remove headsets, charging cable or anything that may obstruct the liquid from draining out.

  4. Expedite the drying process. Leverage your technology professionals to dry it out as soon as possible, before corrosion sets in.

I hope these tips help you! As always, if in doubt or having issues with your technology, stop by your nearest Phone Medic store to diagnose and treat your phone’s snow damage.

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Have a great holiday!