We are celebrating 5 Days Until Christmas.

If your phone is charging appropriately, don’t automatically assume it is your battery. Often, it can be an issue related to the charging port on your phone. Learn more below or watch this informational video. Click Here.

  1. Remove Dust, Dirt & Lint. General wear & tear on the phone will cause an accumulation of dust, dirt, lint, and other things in your charging port. Ask your cell phone repair technician to assist you with removing this.
  2. Discard Faulty Cable. Many cables sold today are not good for your cell phone and can do significant damage. Always select a quality charging cable or one that comes with your phone when purchased.
  3. Use the Right Source to Charge. Wall socket charging will charge faster and with more than an USB computer charge. A wall socket can deliver 5 times greater power than laptop charging.
  4. Have your Battery Voltage and Amperage checked. Your repair technician can quickly check the voltage and amperage of your device, to isolate any charging issues.

 I hope these tips help you! As always, if in doubt or having issues with your technology, stop by your nearest Phone Medic store to diagnose and treat your phone’s ailments.

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Have a great holiday!