Most parents are constantly asked by children to buy them cell phones and will eventually cave with some form of justification for the purchase.  Parents will be faced with a few options at this point: pony up for a brand new multi-year contract and a new device (only to soon find out that it’s lost or broken, but the contract remains), possibly purchase a low quality budget feature phone with some basic call and message capabilities that provide a degree of “keep in touch” tethering to home, or they will do the old hand-me-down option with an older phone going to the child and the parent getting the newer device for themselves. For parents in the Kansas City Metro area, there’s also another option to consider, which is a Certified Pre-Owned Cell Phone.

Perhaps it can be a bit disappointing for children that are expecting or anticipating a new phone that is the highest-end device or price possible to be handed to them after simply asking for it. But many times the disappointment that it’s not a brand new device is removed by the fact that a free phone is now sitting in their hot little hands.  With a lower quality, older budget-style feature phone, that newness only lasts a certain amount of time, and rarely continues for years in perpetuity. After a month or so, the whole free phone novelty usually wears off and they can easily stop taking it with them. Perhaps they become embarrassed of the ancient device and succumb to peer pressure about it, or worse – it suddenly gets (ahem) lost or broken, just so they can potentially end up with something better.

The great thing is, you have another option to consider with several unique benefits. As a parent, if you are the recipient of incessant “get me a phone” guilt and are looking for a good, reliable mobile phone that won’t take a big bite out of your pocket, then certified pre-owned cell phones can also be an excellent solution. These devices can provide a much wider choice of products at a very competitive price that can make you and your children happy for the long term.

The concept of used /  pre-owned cell phone

Purchasing a certified pre-owned cell phone from a reputable firm that stands behind their products and will be around if anything goes wrong is the key. This will ensure that you are getting a trouble free product that will deliver the full value it was meant to provide.

These phones are the original products that have been traded in or sold by their original owners to a firm like Phone Medic for varied reason. Our technicians perform extensive phone inspections, diagnostics and testing to make all the functionality is performing properly and optimized for worry-free use. Once the necessary work is completed to make the device as good as new, we then offer these great devices to new buyers in the Kansas City area.

The other great thing is that because we have the largest footprint of retail stores spanning the entire metro area from as far east as Blue Springs in Missouri to the west in Lawrence Kansas and from the south side in Overland Park, up to the Zona Rosa shopping center near the KCI airport! So our inventory from the other cities nearby can be accessed to ensure that you can get the device you really want and need.

To be on the safer side, it’s always a good idea to avoid the risk of purchasing fake or stolen goods that are unreliable and can end up being much more expensive in the longer run than the “cheap, cheap, cheap” slogans and sales offers that are usually attached to them. To avoid this common pitfall, the easy move is to work with a reputable local source with experts in the market that stand behind their products and services with a guarantee or warranty like the ones Phone Medic offers customers.

Benefits of purchasing used cell phone for teens

Cost Effective – Buying a used cell phone for teenagers is much easier on the pocket as product is available at a reasonable discount, and sometimes more depending on the type and model of product. So your kids can still get a relatively high end phone at a low price without compromising on product features though it may not the most recent, newest model straight out of the box. Many times, these actually are the most recent models, but the buyer decided it wasn’t a fit for them or their needs – which is your gain.

Warranties – When purchase is made with these certified pre-owned cell phones, it’s unlikely that the initial 90 manufacturer warranty still exists, since those tend to just cover the first month or so that the device was purchased directly from the manufacturer’s sales channel as a new product. However, we do offer great coverage and warranty solutions to guarantee your device is exactly as intended and continues to provide the quality of use you purchased it for.  Don’t forget, these come with the phone, rather than having to buy an insurance plan to cover the device when you subscribe with that multi-year contract at some of the other stores out there. There are different ways to get warranties for features of your used cell phone like display screen replacement or damaged buttons etc., the main thing to look for is what’s best for your needs, or your child’s usage patterns and to make sure they keep a cover and glass protection on things for good measure.

No contracts – Most used iPhones and pre-owned smart phone options do not attach a service contract with a specific phone carrier. So you can skip past all of the negotiations to get the right plan that will suit your teenager’s needs in terms of usage relative to the device itself. With a certified pre-owned, you can choose those options independent of one another. This frees you up to look at the family plans that actually work best for you and your needs, while buying a used cell phone for two or more members of your family can easily save money on the most competitive plan or carrier services.

The kid factor – Even though you may give the strictest instructions to children about taking care of their cell phone, there is no guarantee that they won’t break or lose it. Granted, there are plenty of parents out there with a questionable track record of caring for a cell phone – but for the parent buying a device to hand off to a child, it’s good to know you made a sound decision that will pay numerous dividends for everyone involved.