Smartphones are delicate objects and even the tough gorilla glass screens can crack when dropped from a certain height on the right (or wrong) surface. While there are several do-it-yourself videos, how-to’s and fix-it kits on the internet, phone screen repairs are best left to an expert that’s well versed in screen repair for an array of mobile devices. Given the intricacies of how cell phone screens are manufactured and integrated with the rest of the device and functionality nowadays, it makes even more sense. Particularly when you can drop off a device on your way to work or during lunch for an hour and quickly have a perfectly restored, brand new screen in your hands in about an hour that’s backed by a guarantee – the risk and hassle of other avenues just doesn’t add up. It’s easy to see why most people take advantage of the convenient and affordable option that Phone Medic Olathe phone screen repair service provides.

What to do when you need phone screen repair?
Stuck trying to figure out what to do when you need phone screen repair?

Phone Screen Repair in Olathe, Kansas

Even the most fastidious cell phone owners in Olathe drop their phones and have to either get the screen replaced or entirely replace their phone in some cases. If you have a tendency to drop things and find yourself to be somewhat “gravity challenged”, then the best protection would be to first get some type of screen protector to guard against scratches and minor cracks from certain types of impact. Then add a shock-proof protective cover like an Otterbox or similar type that’s custom designed for your model. Even if a phone has a tiny, almost invisible crack, it is advisable to repair it at the earliest chance as it can expose other parts to water damage and artifacts. These can quickly splinter and spider out into a much larger cracks that will eventually shatter and affect functionality of the phone’s future functionality. Besides, those little slivers of glass can get into fingers and holding something near your eyes and face that may contain tiny pieces of glass isn’t the wisest choice.

Moving Beyond the Preemptive Measures

So what’s to be done to remedy this cracked phone screen? What options exist today?

  1. DIY Tutorials –DIY tutorials in online websites give all sorts of details about phone screen repairs, along with details about components and tools that one may need during the process. This could initially be cheaper than purchasing a new phone if you can find the right components, have a very basic and simple phone without any advanced functionality, know everything about the device itself and how it is assembled, are skilled with electronics and repairs of this type and have a significant amount of luck during the process of obtaining reliable how-to instructions, gathering high quality materials and tools as well as performing the work yourself – assuming no other issues arise along the way.
  2. Authorized Manufacturer Replacement / Service Center – If your phone device is still under a manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty program, then phone screen repairs can possibly be carried out for free under the plan available from your service provider or the manufacturer. The best part about this manufacturer’s guarantee is that it covers most of the expensive parts under a typical paid insurance plan that people will sometimes buy and pay regularly for (along with deductibles), even though in most cases the device will not be repaired – but rather, a replacement device will be handed to you. Generally, the “repair service” provided in these situations consists of handing you a replacement phone that is not new, but rather a reconditioned phone that was repaired and put back into the “exchange” pile of devices. This is a great way for the carrier to avoid the expense of having repair technicians on hand for this type of thing. All a phone owner in Olathe KS has to do is to look for an authorized service center or simply return to the store where the phone was purchased and ask them to replace the device, assuming you have the paperwork, time is still available to do so, and the type of damage is covered by the warranty. Note that there are usually limitations to the number of replacements / repairs that can be done within a certain time period in these cases, but if you are still under warranty and the fee to trade it out isn’t too high, it’s definitely worth looking into.
  3. Hiring a Professional Phone Repair Technician– do an online search for certified technicians in your area, or if you have a phone that works, just say phone screen repair near me into your cell phone’s digital assistant like Siri or Google Now to find a list of providers that can carry out these repairs in Olathe, KS. Before visiting every place and driving around, it’s best to search for reviews and recommendations about these service centers to make sure they’ve been around for a while, do reliable work, are consistent and have plenty of happy customers raving about them. Replacing a phone screen isn’t free, so make sure you are selecting a reliable local business with a strong reputation before entrusting them with your precious device.
    Deciding between phone screen repair and buying new

Searching for a good cell repair center when you have a damaged phone screen can become time consuming if an individual has a very busy schedule. In these circumstances, it is sometimes advisable to narrow the field to one or two solid options, one for repairing and another for replacing your damaged phone for a new one. One of the unique options you will find at Phone Medic is that you won’t see at most carrier stores is that upgrades, trade-ins and replacements are part of the array of options. So not only can one get a repair done, if it makes sense, but the advice and options available will also include our inventory of pre-owned and unlocked phones, regardless of which carrier you use. If the phone has been used for several years and you’re already at the end of the line with it, then it is best to exchange it or upgrade to a newer device than to waste much time and money on phone screen repair. Either way, you can find a lot of options in Olathe for a cell phone screen repair these days, and at Phone Medic – we aim to be the best one for you, with the widest array of options to help you “live happy”