Phone Repair Near Me: Find a Phone Medic Cell Phone Repair Store Location Nearby

Get Directions, Hours, Maps and more to find your way to the closest “iPhone repair near me” today!

Phone Medic Cell Phone Repair Locations are Everywhere

We’re so fast and convenient, you’ll wonder if your cracked iPhone screen, broken tablet or cell phone repair was just a dream. Whether you are in Independence Missouri, Lawrence, Zona Rosa or Olathe Kansas, there is a convenient Phone Medic location right around the corner in the neighborhood.

This helpful cell phone repair store locator will quickly help you find your way to the nearest of our 8 locations serving Kansas and Missouri cell phone and mobile device owners just like you.

What will you find with the Phone Medic store locator?

We’re all about convenience. You’ll find nearby store hours, phone numbers, addresses, maps, step-by-step directions to repair locations, street views of the area we’re located and links to the phone repair stores in Kansas City metro area. You can also use your current location to automatically get the closest repair center and electronics repair shop nearby with one or two taps or clicks!

Even though we’re the closest store to you with the most locations in the KC Metro, we’re also the home of the 1 hour repair! So come by today and experience the Phone Medic difference – you’ll get professional repair services from our fast, friendly team of experts who repair cell phones and devices all over the Kansas City Metro area and Lawrence.