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Save hundreds of dollars on your next iPhone upgrade by getting the latest model of certified pre-owned device, cell phone or tablet at Phone Medic!  Yes, you can still get today’s technology and save money, while enjoying the peace of mind that our 6 month warranties and certification provides smart cell phone buyers. Find a store location near you, today.

Fast and Easy

You might be surprised to find out that signing a long-term service contract while paying full price for a brand-new phone isn’t the only way to get today’s technology!

It is fast and easy to buy a cell phone in Kansas City or Lawrence from one of Phone Medic’s convenient local certified pre-owned cell phone stores today. Think about it, you can get a great device and the best price, all right in your neighborhood where our certified technicians and friendly staff can also provide you with expert advice.

The best part is that there’s no second-guessing the quality or reliability of your preowned smartphone when choosing Phone Medic. All certified preowned cell phones are backed by our 6-month warranty.

Great Price

Each device has been inspected by our team of expert certified technicians who know every cell phone and mobile device inside and out. Because our certified technicians are constantly repairing cell phones, we’re very well versed in what to look for before we buy a cell phone in Kansas City to be placed in our local store inventory of pre-owned cell phones and smart devices throughout the metro area.


All the common issues that each device might be at risk for are checked out before we even buy a phone owned by someone else. After acquiring a phone, we then perform an inspection of the device along with addressing any issues we find. This allows us to then place our Phone Medic Pre-Owned Certification on it and back it with our 6 Month Guarantee.


So, before you see any certified pre-owned devices in our store, this thorough review and inspection is performed by device repair experts who know what can go wrong. Instead of taking your chances on any other pre-owned phone, save yourself the hassle, plenty of money and get the confidence and backing of Kansas City’s very own Phone Medic.

Save big on your next cell phone and make it a Certified Pre-Owned Device from Phone Medic!

Don’t forget, because we buy cell phones and give you the option of trading up into a different cell phone or iPhone in the future, we’re happy to work with you to get you the right device at the right time – no matter when you decide to upgrade.


See which Phone Medic certified pre-owned devices are available right now and find a store location nearby:

Why Customers Choose Phone Medic:

  • 6 Month Warranties
  • No Contracts
  • Big Savings
  • Great Selection
  • Convenient Stores
  • Expert Advice


See which Phone Medic certified pre-owned devices are available right now and find a store location near you.