Erase E-Waste with uBreakiFix & Samsung | uBreakiFix Phone Medic

April 11th, 2021|Phone Medic News|

Erase E-Waste with uBreakiFix & Samsung Want to save storage space AND the environment? This spring, uBreakiFix has teamed up with Samsung to launch the Erase E-Waste Challenge, a 6-week initiative encouraging people to recycle their old tech by Earth Day. To participate, bring your outdated or unwanted electronics to your local uBreakiFix and we’ll responsibly recycle them for free. It’s that easy. At uBreakiFix, we help people get the most out of their devices [...]

Most Frequently Asked Tech Questions (& DIY Solutions!) | uBreakiFix Phone Medic

March 31st, 2021|Phone Medic News|

A big question people are always asking is, “Is my cell phone waterproof?” Obviously, you don’t want to test this out by going for a swim with it in your pocket. Luckily, we’ve put together a really handy article that breaks down different devices and how waterproof or water resistant they are, so you can stay dry and still. Syncing your iPad to your computer allows you to back up, restore, and save the data, [...]

Smartphone repair at your doorstep | uBreakiFix Phone Medic

March 13th, 2021|Phone Medic News|

Smartphone repair at your doorstep! We’re bringing our store to you. Our mobile repair labs have everything needed to fix your smartphone whether at your home, office, or your favorite coffee shop. If this service is available in your area, start the appointment process to make sure that your Apple, Google, or Samsung smartphone model is eligible. Let us know what needs to be repaired and schedule a time that’s convenient for us to arrive. [...]

Hidden Laptop Features You Should Be Using | uBreakiFix

February 28th, 2021|Phone Medic News|

Did you know that your laptop or pc can actually eliminate distractions for you? Or that you can shut-down your computer with a single swipe? This week, we’re highlighting our 5 favorite hidden laptop features. From increasing your productivity to customizing your start menu, we’re going to lay out exactly how to enable these awesome capabilities on your PC step-by-step. You won’t want to miss this! Initiate Dark ModeMore and more companies like Google® , [...]

Love The Phone You’re With: Tips To Keep Your Tech In Tip-Top Shape | uBreakiFix Phone Medic

February 14th, 2021|Phone Medic News|

Get your battery replacedLike your car battery, your phone battery has a finite number of charge cycles and will eventually wear out. If your battery is unable to hold a charge when unplugged or dies quickly after being fully charged, it is time to get a battery replacement. The good news? A battery replacement is an easy and cost-effective fix that can add years to your phone’s lifespan. Invest in a high-quality chargerSpeaking of batteries, [...]

Breaking The Habit: 11 Tips For A Healthier Relationship With Your Tech

February 1st, 2021|Phone Medic News|

We’ve put together a list of simple ways to stop doom-scrolling and be more mindful of time spent online. If you’re looking for a way to unplug more often and break your screen addiction, these ideas should help. Start keeping track of your screen time. Nowadays, most phones offer an easy way for you to see how much screen time you’re logging in a day. Schedule a little phone-free time daily. Set aside a designated [...]

Back up your phone data | uBreakiFix Phone Medic

January 25th, 2021|Phone Medic News|

If you got a new phone for Christmas and want to keep things organized, or resolved to start the New Year off fresh and organized but noticed your phone isn’t looking quite as spiffy as it did when you first took it out of the box, these tips are for you. Here’s how to clean and organize your phone from the inside out (and hopefully, keep it that way). Back up your phone data. While [...]

$10 OFF Apple iPhone, iPad, Screen Replacement

January 11th, 2021|Phone Medic News|

$10 off your iPhone Repair at UBREAKIFIX Phone Medic, your local cell phone repair shop. Stop by for your next cell phone repair today. uBreakiFix specializes in cell phone repair, cracked screen repair, and battery replacement, whether it is an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel. We also specialize in electronics repair, game console repair, tablet repair, and computer repairs. No matter the device we can help. Your local repair shop can usually have [...]

Tech stores see new trends with pandemic

January 3rd, 2021|Phone Medic News|

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Technology has been the lifeline for many of us to stay connected in this socially distanced world. Tech stores have been noticing some new trends in 2020. This year has been crazy for everyone. For Christine Ricci, it's been hectic. "Technology has never been so critical as it has today because it's the main thing keeping everybody connected in an environment where everything is socially distanced," Ricci said. Her company, Phone [...]

Fun Ways to Celebrate Online with Friends & Family (That Aren’t Zoom!)

December 28th, 2020|Phone Medic News|

Fun Ways to Celebrate Online with Friends & Family (That Aren’t Zoom!) With the holiday season looking quite different this year, you may be brainstorming new and creative ways to celebrate with friends and family this year while also staying safe. As case numbers are on the rise again, the CDC recommends that we break with tradition and embrace celebrating virtually! Virtual celebrations allow us to embrace a spirit of togetherness without the risks. Play [...]