Technology has been the lifeline for many of us to stay connected in this socially distanced world. Tech stores have been noticing some new trends in 2020.

This year has been crazy for everyone. For Christine Ricci, it’s been hectic.

“Technology has never been so critical as it has today because it’s the main thing keeping everybody connected in an environment where everything is socially distanced,” Ricci said.

Her company, Phone Medic, operates about a dozen UBreakIFix stores across the metro.

“We really fix anything with a home button,” she said.

They’ve seen more types of technology pour into their doors than ever before as people have had to rely on it more than ever.

“We really saw an increase around the March time frame when COVID started hitting. More people were working from home and more people were doing schooling from home,” Ricci said.

At the UBreakIFix stores, many people are interested in finding new ways to make technology last longer.

“They’re upgrading memory. They’re improving the processing power, doing what they can with their current technologies to adapt them to meet their current needs in this environment,” Ricci said.

Technicians here are offering a couple tips. First, make sure you protect your device with a case and screen protector. They also suggest letting your battery drain completely from time to time so the battery can run a full charge cycle.

If something isn’t working right, get it looked at by a professional.

“It doesn’t take much to wear down your technologies,” Ricci said.

Ricci also said that people who have a lot of devices in their home should consider a home plus protection plan that will cover all of that technology for a monthly fee.

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