Are you looking to buy a cell phone but can’t afford to buy a new one outright and don’t want to sign a complicated 2 year contract with carrier? Well, another solution that you should definitely consider due to its various benefits is the possibility of purchasing a certified pre-owned cell phone from a local firm like Phone Medic of Kansas City that not only repairs, but also buys, sells, unlocks and offers used cell phones in the Kansas City area.

For one thing, our strategic locations in Kansas City results in us bringing in a variety of cell phones from individuals who want to sell their old phones to us before they purchase new ones. This is especially good news for those looking to purchase their own certified pre-owned cell phone, because it means there is a constantly replenishing variety of phones for you to choose from in your quest to invest wisely in the purchase of a phone for yourself.

What are the benefits of purchasing a certified pre-owned cell phone, anyway? Well, for one thing, they are like new cell phones that are available to you at a fraction of the cost! Who can protest a deal like that? Especially if you are on a budget, why go out and buy a brand new cell phone for two or three times the cost just so you can take it out of the box yourself? These certified pre-owned phones are just the same product that has just been lightly used by someone else first, and that fact makes it so much more readily available to you with its lower price tag.

Furthermore, certified pre-owned cell phones come with a quality guarantee and have been fully tested in order to make sure they are like new – so they are quite far from used cell phones. Each cell phone sold to us by users looking for an upgrade had to become “certified” pre-owned, meaning that they went through a thorough inspection process in order to earn their title as certified pre-owned. If any defects, aesthetic or performance-wise, are detected, then the cell phone would fail to pass the inspection and we would not sell it to you. This is how you can purchase pre-owned cell phones from us with peace of mind; you know for sure that they will work exactly as they are supposed to.

However, if you are still worried that the cell phone will not meet your expectations, a certified pre-owned cell phone comes with a satisfaction guarantee as well. If that you find that the cell phone is not working like new, then you are able to return the phone within a specified trial period, so there is absolutely no risk in purchasing a certified pre-owned cell phone from us at Phone Medic in Kansas City. This is because, if you are not completely satisfied with the performance of the phone you have chosen, then you are able to return it for a full refund!

So what are you waiting for? Come to any of our convenient Phone Medic locations to check out the certified pre-owned phones and gently used cell phones we have available today and decide if any of them are what you have been looking for!