What’s The Weirdest Way You Broke Your Phone?

What’s the most bizarre loss of phone you’ve suffered or witnessed? Or have you ever just had enough of the object, and committed to its willful destruction?

Reading through some of the 300+ comments in the Gizmodo article, you can see why we’re working so hard to continue building the fastest growing cell phone repair service in the metro area. Our newest store that recently opened at 4900 N. Oak Trafficway just north of downtown Kansas City is the 8th electronics repair shop in the KC metro area that we’ve opened.

You can be certain that we’re already hearing plenty of stories like these at the Phone Medic North Oak store …and doing everything necessary to help customers get back to their mobile lives in under 1 hour!

My phone is broken because I charge it on my nightstand.

My cat knows that the phone is important, and when he wants to be fed in the middle of the night, and I’m not waking up, he’ll tug at the charging cable until the phone falls, sometimes hitting the bottom shelf of the nightstand.

The phone is still mostly functional, but camera lens is cracked, and bluetooth range is 1/3 of what it should be (one hit dented the embedded antenna).

and this from a user “KC Royal” – our favorite user name of all

Ughhhh… Got in a fight with my girlfriend at the time while wayyyyyyy to drunk.. Ended up taking the iPhone in both hands and bending it almost in half. Woke up the next day to it plugged in sitting like a tent on my bedside table. Not my finest moment.. but at least I plugged it in, right?

You can read more of these at the full story on gizmodo.com

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April 23rd, 2016|Cell Phone Repair, iPhone Repair, Phone Medic News|