It doesn’t matter if you have an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, wireless charging continues to grow in popularity. Wireless chargers work through magnetic induction. Your iPhone or Galaxy uses a magnetic pull while also initiating the charging current.
How can you tell if your wireless charger is working? That is easy. Look for the battery symbol and you will see the charging indicator turn on.

Can wireless chargers work through your cell phone case? Magnetic induction can work through some cell phone cases, but not all. When selecting a case for your cell phone, be sure to pick out one that is compatible with wireless charging.
Will wireless charging work on all iPhones, Galaxy or cell phone devices? No. Most of the current cell phones are designed for wireless charging, but not older versions. For example, iPhone 8 series and newer are specifically designed by Apple with wireless charging in mind.

Can software impact my wireless charging? Yes. If you have a cell phone compatible with wireless charging, for example – make sure you have the latest iOS on your iPhone.

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