The iPad is an exquisite piece of technology and just as delicate as even a hairline crack can make it unsafe for use. Though it has a tough screen that can even withstand certain abrasions and scratches, it cannot survive falls or rough handling of slamming down on hard surfaces. Since we have the largest footprint of local electronics repair shops serving Lawrence and Kansas City, we meet people every hour of every single day that need an iPad screen repair.

There are many do it yourself videos on the internet covering different ways to cheaply hack together or duct tape a DIY iPad screen repair accomplished from the comfort of your own home. What many find after searching and watching several videos, purchasing requisite kits, asking around, searching forums for support and so on, an even less expensive option is to start out with some sound preventative measures.

Even if you’ve already broken the screen, once it’s repaired – remember that it is far less expensive to take measures to protect the screen and take great care in the way the device is handled than it is to have to pay to repair damage from neglect or an accident that could have easily been avoided with protection.

A good quality protective cover and case made of impact-resistant materials with barriers and shock protection will usually serve the longer-term life of the device better than a thin piece of leather. Granted, it’s good to have some type of screen protection than none at all. Just keep in mind that although it may look great in that thin leather sleeve, it’s very unlikely that a thin skin will prevent it from shattering or cracking when it accidentally falls off the table, desk or tumbles down the stairs. So yes, an ounce of prevention is always cheaper than anything else.

iPad screen repair options

If the tablet is still covered by your AppleCare+ service plan, then the warranty should cover accidental damage of the unit, including the screen. But if the product is not under warranty and you do not want to invest in buying a brand new one, then you are left with two choices of either getting the iPad screen repaired by a technician or repairing it yourself with requisite tools.

To carry out iPad screen repair, you can easily run it over to the closest Phone Medic iPad service center and get it examined by an expert technician. If you decide to have it repaired, it does not take long for the iPad screen to be replaced or repaired making it look as good as new and continue with its reliable performance. In fact, most repairs are completed in under an hour. Many times, if the device isn’t mission critical to have repaired, we’ve had many people swing by our locations on their lunch hour or on the way to class to drop off their cell phone with a cracked screen or broken iPad LCD,  and then come by at the end of the day whenever it’s convenient for them. The cost of replacement and repair will depend on the iPad model, extent of damage to other parts and intensity of the damage.

What’s involved in an iPad screen repair?

There are several specialized tools, systems and parts that we keep on hand and utilize during the process. It’s always good to get a complete backup before doing any repairs, if you haven’t done so – make regular practice of this and at least keep things recently synced up with your online storage accounts like iCloud. We’ll be removing the display panel from instrument’s metal case and prying things apart with a special tool. After a gap is made between the two,  we’ll apply heat to handle adhesives, while ensuring that no damage is caused from temperature to the underlying functionalities. After disconnecting the LCD & setting that aside in a safe place, it’s time to move to the next phase.

After disconnecting broken panel, we remove it gently from metal shielding of main board and addressing the digitizer cable connectors and attachments. Once that’s cleared away, we’ll remove the home button and the metal camera plate elements. The replacement process is similar, but in reverse – meaning that we’ll now attach tools to the new panel along with the home button using adhesive followed by the button bracket. As the reassembly takes place, each step and point is carefully re-checked to ensure that the repair and seals at every point are flawless. Once re-assembled and cleaned up, the device goes through a final round of testing and is checked for other issues by the technician.

Sound like fun?

If all of this sounds like something you’d like to do and could easily , there are plenty of DIY videos on youtube out there that one can watch for free to figure out ways to replace a screen and cobble together the tools to accomplish it. With a device like an iPad, it’s very unusual for someone that has made that kind of investment in such a high quality device to attempt something like that without hesitation or intense trepidation. Also, because it’s so quick and easy to have a professional perform the repair properly, few go down the DIY path unless they really have no choice.

Broken iPad Screen Repair vs. Replace? Tough decision

It is a tough decision to replace a broken screen or to replace the complete phone as it all boils down to expense and thought of adding to electronic waste in the world. If your iPad screen has hairline cracks then it is best to use a protective shield as mentioned previously, and bring it by for a quick iPad screen fix at Phone Medic.